The Edgewood Club 100 Years of Memories - page 11

100 Years of Games, Sets, and Matches
and the Wimbledon doubles championship in 1920. He was also
invited to serve as Captain of the 1920 U.S. Davis Cup team.
Other names that come to the forefront when people talk
about Edgewood Club tennis are: Bill Lloyd, Bill McElroy,
Tom Bounds, Al Garland, Don Black, Jack Merchant, Dave
Carrick, Jeff Kendall and Jack Cobetto. Harry Ferrari, a
longtime Club member, put his name on the tennis map by
founding GAMMA Sports, the leading manufacturer of
synthetic gut strings in the world.
The Club’s three tennis courts along Swissvale Avenue were
initially clay, then asphalt and are now covered with “Omni-
court,”an artificial turf on a sand base. The courts remain host
to many tennis players both young and old who participate in
clinics, ladders and various competitions.
Each year since 1921, the Club has hosted the Men’s Invitational
Tennis Tournament (MITT), the oldest sanctioned event by the
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