The Edgewood Club 100 Years of Memories - page 10

t any time of the day or evening and during any season Club
members can be found playing on the tennis courts – some
more competitively than others. Some hearty souls are so
dedicated to the sport that they’ve even been known to take the
snow in stride. Tennis has been a cornerstone of the Club from
the very beginning and remains a principal activity today.
Young players who hit their
first serve on the Edgewood
Club courts have gone on to
compete at top-level
tournaments both in the
United States and
internationally. One player of
note is Charles “Chuck”
Garland who won the
national junior championship
in New York City in 1914
“We used to gather in
the lounge to watch
theWimbledon finals
while enjoying bowls
of strawberries and
cream with our
friends. Everyone just
liked being together.”
Carl Cummings
Club member, 1950s - 1970s
The Edgewood Club: 100 Years of Memories
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